AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Market Access Manager: Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease in South Africa

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Therapeutic


The candidate should have an in-depth

knowledge of Metabolic Disease

(especially Diabetes) and Cardiovascular

Disease and should have working

experience in these therapeutic areas.

Should be able to demonstrate an

understanding of the healthcare and

funding environment in South Africa and/or


Strong Pricing background for funder

reimbursement purposes. It is important for

the individual to understand how

healthcare systems value innovative

medicine and new developments in relation to price. Strategy

The Candidate should be able to

implement market access and

pricing strategies and develop

operational plans in collaboration

with business unit managers and

other service functions.

The candidate should support

funder negotiation strategies and

payer mapping.

Should have the ability to tailor

all necessary supporting

evidence in collaboration with

Medical. Payer mapping,

targeting and segmenting is key.

Pharmacoeconomic qualification

or PCMA certificates would be

an advantage. Access

Understand processes that impact

market access, both internal and


Value Creation through clinical and

health economic outcomes research


Value communication through the value

proposition and value dossier to

funders and/or decision makers to

increase access and/or reimbursement.

Ability to establish measurement

system to track progress and drive

effective corrective action when


Role Objective: Position Purpose

The incumbent will be responsible for preparing the market for rapid sustainable penetration of new products in order to maximise sales throughout the product life cycle. To design, lead and deliver market access strategies for the Oncology therapeutic area with clear implementation plans including risk and issues management


• Good communicator at all levels

• Collaboration

• Project Management

• Negotiation

• Analytical

• Excellence and integrity

• Innovative

• Responsible and accountable

• Ethical work standards

• Marketing management

• Customer focused

• Strategic Thinking

• Focused and Driven

Typical Accountabilities

· Delivery on Market Access

o Implement market access and pricing strategies and develop operational plans in collaboration with the oncology business unit and other service functions.

o Support funder negotiation strategies and payer mapping.

o Effective delivery of commercial input to market access process and team

o Interpretation and the tailoring of available evidence to support market access for AZ brands in collaboration with the Medical division.

o Identify evidence gaps that may inhibit market access and develop plans to fill the gaps

· Commercial Input to New Product Planning

o Conducts market/ customer segmentation and identifies the emotional and rational drivers for each customer segment in order to develop value added and compelling solutions or offerings

o Plan integrated cross functional timelines, balancing needs of quality and expediency across the business and build deliverability into launch plans

· Cross Functional Project Management

o Manages cross functional teams optimally in order to achieve the brand objectives

o Identifies and manages key interfaces with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the delivery according to agreed time lines

o Effectively facilitates key meetings and issues

· Influencing Stakeholders

o Identifies key stakeholders both internal and external, and builds relationships with them

o Effectively interprets all existing and new market research to gain good understanding of stakeholders needs

· Maintained Administrative Systems

  • Report as required on strategy implementation and budget spend

  • Adhere to company policies and procedures

Corporate responsibility:

Ø Maintain highest ethical standards and work in a spirit of AstraZeneca Code of Conduct, following rules & norms set by corporate policies

Ø Ensure that all conducted activities are done in accordance with local legislation and corporate standards.

Ø Timely report (as per respective procedures): health/environment/wellbeing related accidents; adverse events that you became aware about; change in status of your Conflict of Interest.