AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Sr.Medical Advisor in Shanghai, China


  1. Provide medical and scientific information to healthcare professionals and patients to ensure the effective and safe use of our medications.

Respond to customers’ inqueries in a timely manner.

Read and review current literature accordingly when deemed necessary

Prepare and regularly maintain standard response letters as necessary

Provide concise and current information to customers. Each non standard response to be peer reviewed

Provide accurate, current medical information to external customers

  1. Ensure the timely report to PS

Identify, capture, record and report all spontaneous AEs to PS. No late spontaneous reports to PS (> 99% on-time delivery)

  1. Content management

 Adapt global standard response letters into local usage.

Get right permission to use any kind of medical document.

Manage medical documents in system, ensure documents compliance and upto-date.


  • Academic / Professional qualification / 学 历 / 专 业 资 格

Bachelor degree in a health-related field (Pharmacy, Medicine)

  • Technical / skill training / 技 术 / 技 能 训 练

Skill of literature retrieval

  • Working experience (No. of years / 年 资, Job function / 工 作 功 能, Business types / 业 务 种 类 )

Essential 必 需

1+ years experience as Health Care Professionals or hospital pharmacist or working experience in

pharmaceutical company at medical department or other related function; Clinical working experience is


Desirable 理 想

 Clinical working experience

 Multinational pharmaceutical company working experience

 Medical Information working experience

  • Language ability / 语 言 能 力

Fluency in English in addition to Mandarin as a first language

  • Computer literacy / 电 脑 知 识

Microsoft Office software, Scientific database searching