AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Clinical Research Associate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

1/ Management of the Clinical Research Projects

· Set and monitor appropriate standards and timelines for clinical & data management processes according to the sponsoring company (MC/TA) standards.

· Review all company protocols, reports and manuscripts to ensure that they meet scientific objectives

· Ensure all clinical trials comply to GCP/AstraZeneca Quality Standards.

· Track resource utilisation and trial performance to ensure maximum efficiency

· Ensure clinical research objectives are communicated effectively to the local research team

· Ensure AZ/GCP standards are met in projects outsourced to CROs

2/ Process Management & Development

· Develop and implement a quality enhancement program

· Develop initiatives which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical trial process

· Implement international directives on process changes

3/ External Liaison and Image

· Participation/representation on scientific boards, relevant professional meetings and committees

· Attend relevant local and international research meetings and conferences

· Develop and maintain close contact with TA clinical groups

· Develop and maintain network of academic/professional contacts to act as key participants in clinical trials

. Contribute to image of AstraZeneca through further education & training including literature review